14th August 2018

Meridian BYOD Network Users Unable To Access Managebac Login

Meridian Technology is currently watching an issues that is preventing some users on the Meridian BYOD wireless network from accessing certain pages, including the Meridian Managebac student login page. In troubleshooting this issue, it appears the Meridian BYOD network is preventing access because the student's network authorization had expired, or credentials had never been entered. I have extended the Meridian BYOD authorization requirement from once every 24 hours to once every 30 days.

If students are not able to access the Managebac login page, ask them to try going to another website (any website other than Google - nytimes.com or cnn.com is a good example) and if they get the 'Welcome to Meridian BYOD' Sign-in page, ask them to sign in with their meridianstudents.org credentials and try accessing the https://mwschool.managebac.com page once again.